Saturday, 15 October 2016

An Overview of External and Internal Linking

To get the SEO on the track of success, it is very important to understand the difference between external and internal links, and using the characteristics of both for the benefit of overall marketing process. The rank of a website can be boosted in SERPs if you are able to put both kinds of link building techniques at right places in your SEO plan.

The difference between internal and external link building
External link is defined as the link that points to a website from an entirely different website. You can place links of other websites in your website to provide the readers additional information about related topics. The links that point to your website from other websites are also the external links but they are more specifically termed as ‘inbound links’.

The links that interconnect pages within the same domain are called internal links. The most prominent example of internal linking is the menu bar that contains links to all of the pages in the same website. Moreover, some people place website blog posts’ links in the body section of different pages. It is also an example of internal linking.

How internal and external linking can help in an SEO process?
Using both types of linking in a strategic way is very important if you really want your SEO to be result-oriented. Below mentioned are different prospects of external and internal linking.
  1. Google algorithms are made to pay attention to the internet traffic that comes to your website from other websites. Aspects that are considered here is the quality and quantity of links. If your website’s links exist in the poor quality websites, there will be more harm than good. You can encourage good quality websites to link back to your website only with the help of high quality content. Give some time to the research work in order to develop content about the niche you work in. This research would make your content unique and informative. Moreover, you can write high quality guest posts for top websites and place the link of your website in those posts. As long as the quality of your content in those guest posts is good, you are not going to get your post rejected and the link inside it will be a huge prospect.
  2. Linking more to too many high quality websites is beneficial for your readers but it could be far less valuable as long as SEO of your website is concerned. The reason is that those external links will drive users away from your website. To avoid this, you will need to work on the number of external links to be placed.
  3. Internal links have huge value for Indianapolis SEO. Interconnection between the website’s pages can help search engine to find every page quickly. That way, there will be lesser time consumed in the website indexing process. While you can hope for the website to be fully crawled even if you ignore internal linking, the crawling process would take weeks to complete work on your website.
  4. You might find your SEO ineffective if you have broken links in your website. These are the links that no longer work either due to the change of address of particular page or removal of page. Either way, it causes the web traffic to get lost when those links are clicked upon. The quicker way fix broken links is to add 301 redirects. 

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