Friday, 28 June 2019

Fundamental SEO Tips for SaaS Companies

With the rapid change in technology, SaaS companies are playing a vital role in the advancement of business infrastructures. SaaS companies are supporting businesses in this competitive market by providing them FaaS and cloud functions.

SEO is an essential tool for businesses to market out their products. It also provides a helping hand to users as SEO is a new solution to the business’s existing problems. You can provide a solution to your customer by understanding the different stages of the user funnel. It will clear you how you can use these stages and how you should introduce them to your solution.

Creating Brand Awareness & Guideline
The users can differ with each other, for a lot of SaaS FaaS websites. For these websites, you have highly technical users or users who have a specific problem like service uptime. The technical users could be looking for a solution which can decompose their monolithic structure and make use of microservices.

Both groups are potential customers for SaaS and FaaS websites. You cannot lose your users. So, you need to engage your customers through your content and marketing efforts. SEO content and marketing tools are essential for users. You need different content type targeting different keywords and search phrases at various stages in the funnel.

You are Aware of the User’s Problem
At this stage, you have the opportunity to show your user that you are aware of the problem. Because the user is already aware of the problem he is facing. He needs an efficient and cost-effective solution. Also, you can introduce your brand to your users, at this point. Most likely the user is unaware of the existence of a microservices solution, at this stage. Your goal is to show the microservices solution to your user. You are required to use similar technology and language to the user. For example, if a user is facing a microservices problem. You need to provide them some information regarding this issue. Like how do microservices work? They might be looking for some less technical problems. Provide them fundamental and authentic solutions.

Making Your Users Aware of Problem’s Solution
The 2nd stage of the funnel is making your users aware of the problem exist. They could establish the solution to the problem which may be the best route. Here the content like case studies, integrations, and how solutions can be applied can work and make a difference.

A common mistake done by many SaaS companies is they try to control the customer’s journey by offering them, how SaaS solutions work by engaging them in a conventional funnel. You can engage your customer through your content. You can introduce the solution to your user through the content.

Generating Product Awareness
At this stage of the funnel. The user is now aware of the solutions to their problems. Now, they determine whether your or your competitor solution is the best fit for them. Here the content like case study, guides, documents, specific setup guides is important for the users. You are required to ask direct questions regarding problems, to make a satisfactory contact with the user. You can enhance your sales at this stage of the funnel. You can win the customer trust through your contact. Provide them a good communication service and try to resolve their issue. Show them your previous solution result to increase your sale and satisfy them.

Keyword Research and Its Importance in SEO Content
Since 2017, search result has increased rapidly. In many SaaS and FaaS companies’ word, serverless has gained popularity in the keyword search world.

After the attack of DDoS, Dyn suffered a lot. Google quickly had to change from DDoS and technical information to blog posts and non-technical users. Even after the 3 years, the SERP is still not recovered and back to its previous state.

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